Please note: Due to stocktaking, our Newcastle Showroom we will be closed on Thursday of the 24th and Friday 25th of September all-day

Terms and Conditions of Entry to Our Showrooms

  1. No entry to persons who have travelled from Overseas in the last 2 weeks
  2. No entry to persons who have travelled from Victoria in the last 2 weeks
  3. All customers and visitors will be temperature checked at the time of arrival. Those with reading between 37.5 to 37.9 need to leave the premises and be retested in one hour. Those with a reading of over 38 are not permitted to stay on premises.
  4. There is a restriction on the numbers of people allowed into the business areas.
  5. Further restriction of the number of customers in specific zones of the business areas.
  6. Customers and visitors will be required to complete a  Contact Tracing Record at time of entry. For data protection purposes, the form will be destroyed after 28 days.